Value Added Solutions

DishOut develops creative, unique, and customized payment solutions. Create your own alternative currency, offer discounts with real-time price change, or implement any of our other value-added payment solutions.

Offsite Monetization Solution

Offsite Monetization Solution

DishOut’s OffSite Monetization Solution allows for various types of consumers, such as students, hotel guests, or corporate employees, to simply and seamlessly shop at local merchants. This solution provides significant value to your customers and helps to build better relationships with local merchants while generating additional revenue.

  • Merchants will receive traffic from an untapped audience while increasing their average purchase size and frequency of transactions. As the program manager, you earn revenue from purchases you previously didn’t see.
  • Offsite purchases can be made using any form of payment, including credit cards, stored value cards, and even central billing systems such as a student’s meal plan, hotel bill, or payroll system.
  • Participating merchants will have all of the necessary tools, software, devices, and more to accept your customer’s purchases and all transactions will be reported through our platform.
  • Access to reporting data is provided to all parties to see customer activity and merchants can measure the success of the programs.
  • Customers also have access to their purchase and transaction history.

Online and Mobile Ordering Solution

DishOut has developed an online and mobile ordering solution which can be fully branded to fit your business. This solution, which will feel like an extension of your business, provides your customers with the speed and convenience of online and mobile ordering and payment. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the user-interface means you can manage and fulfill orders quickly on a small tablet or other mobile device.

  • Our In-the-Know messenger keeps customers informed as to the status of their order with email or text communication that is constantly updated as the order is processed. Customers will know when their order is received, when it’s being prepared, and when it’s our for delivery.
  • Cut out all those faxes and phone calls. Our tablet-based Remote Order Viewer allows you to see all the order details and special instructions. Simply acknowledge the order and a kitchen ticket is printed for order preparation. Update the order as it moves through preparation and finally to delivery with one simple click.
  • Specials for your special customers are simple. Our online and mobile ordering solutions allows you to offer code-based specials to your customers including percentage-off and dollar-off deals, along with customized start and end dates for your special.
Online and Mobile Ordering Solution

Alternative Currency Accrual and Redemption

Alternative Currency Accrual and Redemption

Create relationships with your customers that make them feel like they’re part of something special. ¬†Create your own currency and tie it to certain actions your customers take, such as rewarding loyal customers or giving new customers a reason to give your business a chance.

  • DishOut creates custom currencies such as coffee credits, salon bucks, Your Currency Here (YCH), etc. so that your customers can accrue and redeem value, at a rate you define.
  • Set busines rules for your alternative currency to reward customers at certain levels. For example, when a customer earns 10 coffee credits, send them a free travel coffee mug.
  • Help customers easily track their path to their next reward by printing progress on your POS receipt.
  • Combining programs and/or currencies can be accomplished very easily. If you want to enter into a cooperative marketing agreement with another merchant or business, you can do so. DishOut will power the exchange or accrual/redemption of corresponding currencies.


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