TRXprotect with EMV

TRXprotect is DishOut’s open-platform encryption solution designed to offer the most cost-effective and efficient secure service for protecting card holder data from the point of capture, “end-to-end” through storage and token management. The open nature of TRXprotect allows faster and easier access to DishOut’s full suite of payment platform solutions.

TRXprotect. The Complete Package.

With increased security risks and threats, protecting your customer’s payment information is as important as ever. With TRXprotect, not only can you protect your customer’s information, but provide added layers of payment convenience, mobility, and even rewards and loyalty programs to ensure a great, secure, experience.

  • Provides simple access to all of DishOut’s solutions including badge payment, loyalty and rewards programs, stored value solutions and more.
  • Protect customer payment information with point-to-point encryption.
  • Allows encryption and decryption to take place during the normal routing of transactions because it’s a hosted solution.
  • Support for multiple technologies and peripherals.
  • To learn more about how Developers can work with TRXprotect and the rest of DishOut’s payment solutions, please visit our Developer’s page.

A Pathway to EMV

With new laws and regulations governing the implementation of Europay, Mastercard, and Visa standards (you may know it better as EMV, or “chip cards”), it’s difficult to make sense of it all. Luckily, you have a partner with DishOut. In order to process EMV transactions, the terminal, point-of-sale, payment gateway and processor must all be EMV certified. To being processing EMV transactions, there are three options listed below.

  • TRXprotect Basic EMV Install includes installing the TRXprotect application directly on a point-of-sale computer and comes complete with devices and drivers.
  • Multi-lane (semi-integrated) Client/Server Install which installs a thin client on application on each point-of-sale computer and installs the server application on a dedicated server or computer.
  • Hands-off Install which includes the TRXprotected application on a dedicated computer or server and also includes all devices or drivers and communicates directly via API.

Repeat Billing Made Simple and Secure

Safely Store Customer Payment Information for Repeat Billing

DishOut’s multi-use tokenization product allows a merchant to keep a card on file for repeat billing. The information is stored securely, and eliminated the need for the card information to be constantly re-entered.



Store the Card

The multi-use tokenization feature of TRXprotect tokenizes the credit card number for security, and the token can be retained on file until the card expires.

Create Portfolios

If you’re a merchant with multiple locations, don’t worry. A token can be used to create customer portfolios for use across all of your locations.

Login and Spend

The token created with payment information can also be used with QR codes or various payment applications requiring a login and password.

Multi-card Wallet

Multi-use tokenization is also a form of Wallet Application, whereby multiple cards can be linked to a single token for multiple payment options.

TRXprotect Plays Nice with POS and Mobile

TRXprotect Plays Nice with POS & Mobile

TRXprotect works for both point-of-sale and mobile payment processing and has a variety of features to help you process payments simply, protect customer information, or integrate with other payment solutions.

  • PCI, EMV, and PADSS compliant application to protect the POS.
  • Application can be integrated with simple, easy to access APIs.
  • Can be used as a simple stand-alone user interface for payment processing.
  • Handles all device communication.


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