Mobile for Consumers

Reach your customers on-the-go with a mobile solution for consumers from DishOut. Provide your customers with the convenience they expect with online and mobile ordering solutions for businesses, colleges and universities, hospitals, hotels, and much more.

Mobile Solutions for Consumers Ordering and payment application

Make Purchases with a Mobile Application

DishOut has developed a variety of application specific mobile interfaces for processing transactions from mobile devices. We have platform agnostic mobile web-based applications and native applications to fit your needs. We can also create and develop custom applications to suit your specific needs.

  • Let DishOut build you your own app for the App Store or Google Play.
  • Take our existing app and white-label it with your company’s logo and color scheme.
  • Offsite monetization (i.e. Hospitality Folio programs).
  • Deal and discount processing.
  • Proprietary applications for specific industry verticals (i.e. Campus Card).
  • Use your existing app and connect via API to our suite of payment solutions.

Mobile Marketing Solutions

DishOut has a variety of mobile marketing solutions, including loyalty and rewards that can be deployed across devices. Some of the features and functions we support for your mobile marketing program include:

  • Text-to-Reg* Mobile loyalty registration.
  • Keyword marketing.
  • Redeemable mobile coupons.
  • Promotions and text campaigns you can track.
  • Ask/get threaded text messaging.
  • Conversational text promotions.
  • Text-based surveys.

*Text-to-Reg allows you to sign up customers in real-time via a one-word text message and the ability to communicate with that customer later to invoke data collection.

Mobile Marketing Solutions text message


Simplifying the Ordering, Preparation, and Delivery Process

Ordering is quick and easy through our mobile ordering interface.

DishOut and our partner, ToGoTechnologies, have developed a fully brandable online and mobile ordering solution (OLO/MOLO) that allows merchants looking to provide the speed and convenience of mobile ordering to provide their customers the ability to place an order anytime, anywhere, from their mobile device and manage the orders through one simple interface on a small tablet or other mobile device.



Your Modern App

Make your menu available anytime, anywhere. Engage with your customers through your own class-leading branded app complete with your logo, color scheme, menu, contact information, and more.

Menu Availability

Make it simple for your customers to find your menu everywhere. From your website, to your new app, Facebook page, and more. From there, ordering online or from a mobile device is simple.

Integrated Payment

No ordering online and fumbling with cash at the counter or the door. With integrated payment options, your customers can pay, and even tip, directly through your new app.

Order Management

A simple tablet notifies you when you have a new order, and your solution offers OrderCloud tablet notification, EPSON kitchen integration, and built-in backup notifications.

Mobile Coupon examples

Mobile Coupons, Deals, and Discounts

Reach your customers with targeted mobile discounts and offers to increase traffic during slower hours or reward loyal customers.

  • Provide your customers with a special offer on their birthday with a coupon sent directly to their mobile device.
  • Increase traffic during slow hours with time-based deals such as “enjoy 20% off your entire purchase between 4PM – 6PM; today only!”
  • Encourage previous customers, who have not made a purchase within a specified time period, to return by offering special deals to this subset of customers.


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