Independent Sales Organization

Whether you’re your own boss, or work for small, medium, or large organization, partnering with DishOut gives you access to resell some of the industries most advanced payment processing technology. As an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) you have the opportunity to resell DishOut’s traditional payment solutions, including payment processing, payment gateway, mobile payment applications, and more. Along with these traditional solutions, you’ll also have the opportunity to sell exciting new solutions such as our rewards and loyalty program.

Traditional Solutions Mixed with New Technologies

Traditional Solutions Mixed with New Technologies

As an ISO, you’ll have the ability to sell your clients traditional payment solutions such as payment processing, payment gateways, and mobile solutions. With DishOut, you’ll also have the ability to resell new payment technology such as our offsite monetization program, stored-value solutions, and the new DishOut Rewards.

  • Traditional solutions like payment processing and payment gateway help merchants accept a variety of payment methods while quickly and securely processing these payments.
  • Our offsite monetization program allows you to sell any of our payment solutions to a hospital, corporate campus, university, and more as well as surrounding merchants to build your very own community program and stream of revenue for you or your business.
  • Our offsite monetization programs and DishOut Rewards are perfect for industries such as hospitality and lodging, colleges and universities, corporate campuses and more. Don’t limit your market. Our solutions are perfect for numerous industries and use-cases.

Build a Local Community

Build a Network of Merchants and Drive Recurring Revenue for You

By selling DishOut’s payment solutions to a local hospital, corporate campus, college or university, and more, you can also signup local merchants in the community to join the DishOut network. More merchants equals more options for customers, and more revenue for you.



Initial Setup

Once you’re a DishOut ISO, signing upĀ  a hotel, hospital, college or university, or corporate campus is easy with our valuable solutions. Allow guests, customers, and students to make purchases on-property with their student ID, hotel room card, corporate badge, and more.

Build Your Network

By signing up local merchants, you allow hotel guests to dine at local restaurants and charge to their room, or students to eat off campus and use their student ID to pay. Signing up merchants is easy and results in additional revenue for the merchant and for you or your organization.

Expand Your Network

By creating positive relationships between merchants in a local community, you can expand your merchant network to include businesses of all sizes. These positive relationships lead to increased referral business to other merchants in the community.

Help Drive Revenue

The more successful the merchants are, the more recurring revenue you and your organization will earn. Offer additional pieces of DishOut’s payment solutions to help merchants capture new business, reward repeat customers, even drive traffic during slower times.

All the Tools and Flexibility You Need

At DishOut, there is no one path to success with our ISO’s. We are flexible and agile enough to work with our ISO’s in a number of ways to ensure mutual success. Want to sell just one piece of our payment solution offerings such as gateway services? Great! Want to sell our entire offering to a completely new industry? Amazing! As an ISO, you will be our true payment technology partner.

  • Our solutions such as mobile payment applications, mobile marketing solutions, and more can be easily white-labeled with your companies logos, color schemes, and other branding elements.
  • Become a reseller and contract directly with merchants, or become a referral partner and allow DishOut to handle the paperwork.
  • Build relationships with merchants in local communities and listen to their needs to help DishOut develop the next wave of payment technology to better serve our mutual clients.
All the Tools and Flexibility You Need


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